Community-based fitness tracking and goal setting

Project Type
Web App
Lead Developer
Lift Interactive
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Crawl before you walk

UWalk had the goal of incorporating fitness more holistically into people's lives. At home, at work, or wherever life takes you - fitness should be easy and fun to track. We helped them achieve this goal by building out their online platform.

It all begins with a single step

Allowing users to sync their steps with a Fitbit or Garmin device, and also letting users manually enter their steps, the application lets users track their activity however they see fit.

Key features of the final build

  • Activity tracking of both steps and stairs by connecting a fitness tracking device or by manually entering activity.
  • Achievement system that lets users earn badges by accomplishing daily challenges or by hitting milestones.
  • A feature-rich community section that lets users create and join communities with their fellow walkers to compete cooperatively and competively in challenges.
  • Beautiful dashboard for users to view current and historical step data, along with friends activity and challenge progress.

Stepping their game up

The launch of UWalk received much buzz and was embraced immediately by businesses looking to engage their employees with a fun and social way of incorporating fitness into their worklife.