Person-centered planning for people with disabilities

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Web App
Lead Developer
Lift Interactive
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Planning and case management tools used by organizations to help those with disabilites have been long outdated. Still done on paper, unintuitive, and prone to data loss - it was time to bring these tools into the digital age.

A new direction

It wasn't enough to just copy the current existing paperwork and forms and put them onto a website. We wanted to do more. Breaking down the individual sections for their current process, we deconstructed and then rebuilt their entire system in a more intuitive and user-friendly system that helps eliminate errors and makes information easier to find.

Key features of the final build

  • A fully reproduced case-management and life planning tool used to help those with dissabilities lead a better life.
  • A transformative user interface that takes dry paperwork and reimagines it as a fun to use, social media inspired application.
  • A system designed for engagement built around notifications, achievements, and goal progression.
  • Rich data exports to use both interally by organizations, and externally in governemnet compliant formatting required for funding.
  • Collaborative mapping to help users and contributors build a personalized map of all the important places in their community.

Paving a new path

With 10 local organizations getting on board the new system, and more on the way, MyCompass is already making an impact on the lives of individuals and those helping them lead not just an okay life, but a great life.