Heart + Bones

Online yoga studio focusing on functional yoga poses

Project Type
Web App
Lead Developer
Lift Interactive
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Heart & Bones was a successful online yoga studio. What set it apart was it's philosophy of teaching sustainable, pracitcal yoga that could be practiced by anyone of any body shape and size.

Upward Dog

Success comes with its own problems. Brea hit the point where she had enough students that it was time to switch off the third-party service she was using to a custom website.

Key features of the final build

  • A fully-featured subscription system with a more economical sign up flow for her users to reduce the friction of signing up.
  • Direct Stripe integration to reduce fees associated with third-party providers.
  • Customizable lesson builder for Brea to create beautiful lessons for her students to read and watch.
  • Modern admin dashboard for Brea to manage all her users and content, accessible user interface for students to easily navigate their lessons and progress.

To a brighter tomorrow

Immediately after launch, Brea was saving 3% on every subscription. Followed by an increase in subscribers by 20% the following year.